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Appendices to Franchise Area Business Plan

A Worldwide Social Media Network of Hyper Local Town Guide Apps,
with bespoke DIY Website App Builder,
Local Community Classified Directory Listings,
Feature Advertising, Sales & Marketing

for example, Discover ...

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Alan McLelland - Founder, Owner, Developer, Webmaster - Mobile +44 (0) 7784 348 118
a2zPlaces Ltd, Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 13297664

1st March 2022 - Version 1.1

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Index of Sections
  • AdSnippit id=buuk43 : Page 1 : Appendices Cover Sheet
  • AdSnippit id=buuk43 : Page 2 : Index To Sections

  • AdSnippit id=buuk56 : Website & App Builder
  • AdSnippit id=buuk56 : Page 1 : AdSnippits Artwork
  • AdSnippit id=buuk56 : Page 2 : Pay Per Click AdSnippits
  • AdSnippit id=buuk56 : Page 3 : Website Builder Market

  • AdSnippit id=buuk62 : Franchise Products & Services
  • AdSnippit id=buuk62 : Page 1 : Business Directory Listings
  • AdSnippit id=buuk62 : Page 2 : Feature AdSnippits Advertising
  • AdSnippit id=buuk62 : Page 3 : Extra...EXTRA Feature Advertising
  • AdSnippit id=buuk62 : Page 3 : List of Market Channel Pages

  • AdSnippit id=buuk87 : Franchise & Affiliate Scheme
  • AdSnippit id=buuk87 : Page 1 : Franchise Town Guides
  • AdSnippit id=buuk87 : Page 2 : Franchise Licence
  • AdSnippit id=buuk87 : Page 3 : Affiliate Editors

  • AdSnippit id=buuk87 : Price List and Commissions
  • AdSnippit id=buuk86 : Page 1 : Website App Prices
  • AdSnippit id=buuk86 : Page 2 : Features
  • AdSnippit id=buuk86 : Page 3 : Extra...EXTRA Advertising Prices
  • AdSnippit id=buuk86 : Page 4 : Local Commission Structure

  • A5 Sales Leaflets

  • NESTA Report - Advertising Markets

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a2zPlaces.Com Business Plan


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a2zPlaces.Com Business Plan


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a2zPlaces.Com Business Plan


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a2zPlaces.Com Business Plan


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Franchise Products & Services »

a2zPlaces.Com Franchise & Affiliate Business Plan

Franchise Products & Services Page

Franchise Products & Services

Business Directory Listings

A Business Listing and Website can be linked to any one of over 1000 Business Types and New Business Types can be added as required. We publish thousands of extremely granular Local Business Directories - a Business Directory for every Country, Region, Area, Town and Business Type.

We group complimentary business types together and publish over 80 Market Channel Page Directories - and advertise Members AdSnippits as informative, contextual content on our Market Channel Pages in every Town Guide.

This also means that we can vertically aggregate Channel Page Listings and publish a Country, Regional, hundreds of Areas and thousands of Town Directories each containing Location Centric, business type Listings.

Market Channel Page Directories and Feature Advertising

Every Listing and website generated by our Website & App Builder automatically creates 3 different AdSnippits Featured files

- Directory AdSnippits Files - adding an Image to the basic directory listing

- Featured AdSnippits Files - adding text and Image to the directory listing, with a second advert positioned below the Gold AdSnippits Features

- Top 20 AdSnippits Files - adding text and Image to the directory listing, with a second advert positioned at the top of the Market Channel Page

Extra EXTRA Channel Page Feature Advertising

We leverage our Worldwide Network of Town Guides to offer and accommodate almost unlimited combinations of Country, Region, Area, Town and Market Channel Page AdSnippits Advertising Campaigns. Most commonly, we offer to publish an AdSnippits Feature Listing

- on 1 Area website and all Town Websites in the Area and on 1 Market Channel Page.

- on 1 or more Town Websites and on 1 Market Channel Page.

Market Channel Pages and Sub Domains

Every Town Guide has over 80 Market Channel Pages some of which use the following Sub Domains to customise, rationalise, advertise and "Brand" Town Guide Website Pages. So, for example, we can use the following sub domain links in our marketing -


Page 71 - Advertise
Page 82 - Affiliates
Page 30 - Animals
Page 20 - Art
Page 24 - Articles
Page 65 - Athletics
Page 4 - b2b
Page 45 - Bathrooms
Page 3 - Beauty
Page 87 - Bedrooms
Page 33 - Blogs
Page 94 - BBC
Page 95 - BMJ
Page 63 - Building
Page 8 - Business
Page 34 - Camping
Page 47 - Caravans
Page 11 - Charity
Page 42 - Children
Page 9 - Classified
Page 67 - Clothes
Page 78 - Computers
Page 86 - Cooking
Page 74 - Cricket
Page 57 - Cycling

Page 26 - Dating
Page 43 - Disability
Page 17 - Education
Page 77 - Emergency
Page 6 - Events
Page 75 - Farming
Page 68 - Fashion
Page 50 - Fishing
Page 61 - Fitness
Page 15 - Food
Page 53 - Football
Page 29 - Franchise
Page 46 - Furniture
Page 44 - Gardens
Page 27 - genealogy
Page 28 - Gifts
Page 41 - Gigs
Page 49 - Golf
Page 10 - gps
Page 89 - Guides
Page 48 - Haulage
Page 62 - Health
Page 100 - Help
Page 22 - History
Page 36 - Hobbies

Page 73 - Homeless
Page 51 - Horses
Page 12 - Hotels
Page 18 - Jobs
Page 79 - Join
Page 31 - Kitchens
Page 60 - Library
Page 83 - Lost
Page 64 - Manufacture
Page 23 - Maps
Page 5 - Marketing
Page 80 - Members
Page 76 - Military
Page 66 - Mobile
Page 16 - Motoring
Page 14 - News
Page 55 - Outdoor
Page 25 - Personal
Page 59 - Photography
Page 99 - Planner
Page 35 - Politics
Page 70 - Post
Page 37 - Professions
Page 2 - Property
Page 38 - Religion

Page 93 - RHS
Page 84 - Rugby
Page 52 - Sailing
Page 90 - Scouts
Page 101 - Search
Page 88 - Self-Employed
Page 72 - Seniors
Page 56 - Shoes
Page 69 - Shopping
Page 7 - Shops
Page 58 - Sporting
Page 13 - Sports
Page 91 - Tesco
Page 1 - Tourist
Page 40 - Town-Planning
Page 102 - Towns
Page 32 - Trades
Page 39 - Travel
Page 96 - Travel Trade
Page 92 - Visit Britain
Page 54 - Watersports
Page 19 - Weather
Page 85 - WebDesign
Page 81 - Websites
Page 96 - Weightlifting
Page 21 - Wiki


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Franchise & Affiliate Scheme

As a Franchise Town Guide, you can become the champion for your Local Business and Residential Communities, supporting and promoting them, to leverage todays worldwide digital desktop and mobile internet network.

Are YOU looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity to invest in? Want to work for yourself locally without the high start-up costs but still be part of a franchise network? Our low-cost Franchise Town Guide Licence gives you the opportunity to do just that.

As a Franchise Town Guide, you can become the champion for your Local Business and Residential Communities, supporting and promoting them, to leverage todays worldwide digital desktop and mobile internet network.

Technically, you will need to be comfortable with business computing, email, blogging, letter writing and telephone conversations. You will also need to learn to use, and be taught how to use, a2zPlaces.Com Website, Listing and AdSnippit Builder to Post Local Listings and Template Websites on behalf of other Members

Why Become a Franchise Town Guide?

a2zPlaces.Com publishes over 300,000 Town Guide Website and Apps Worldwide supported by several intellectual and technological properties such as our bespoke Website, Listing and AdSnippit Builder, Worldwide Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), and Worldwide Database Directories and Gazetteers.

By becoming a Franchise Town Guide you get the benefits of being your own boss, but with the help and support of our great technology, bespoke social media network and other Town Guide mentors who share an interest in helping you grow your business.

As part of a2zPlaces.Com Franchise, all of our Affiliate Editors, Affiliate Town Guides and Franchise Town Guides are working together towards the same goal, so any advice and support given is always in the best interests of your business.

Our affordable Franchise Town Guide Licence offers you the immediate benefit of buying into an established, Worldwide Network of tried and tested Town Guide Websites and Local Community Apps.

a2zPlaces.Com proven and published technology enables you to design and deliver and sell beautiful Customer Websites, Listings and AdSnippit Feature Advertising within hours of becoming a Local Franchise Town Guide.

Franchise owners are responsible for appointing and developing -

  • Channel Champions & Strategic Local Partners
  • Community Sponsors
  • Affiliate Town Guides � offering opportunities for Local Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate Editors - Local Income Opportunities for home workers & Bloggers
  • Local Business, Leisure & Community Members


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Franchise Licence

The a2zPlaces.Com Franchise package includes everything you need to start-up and run your own Hyper Local Town Guide Website App Franchise and you can start building Website Apps and selling them with Local Advertising from Day 1

These days every business needs an effective Mobile Website App, and owners need them regularly changed and refreshed to keep up with their competitors. There are literally thousands of new websites published each day and a lot of existing websites need to be replaced with more up to date and professional Mobile Progressive Website App designs.

There is enormous potential for an affordable template web design service - especially one that offers beautiful design and extremely fast and eficient development that customers can Try Before You Buy.

a2zPlaces.Com bespoke Website and Listing Builder has automated the repetitive, time consuming work required to build, edit and publish Mobile Website Apps AND Local, Area, Region, Country and Worldwide Advertising throughout our Worldwide Mobile App Network.

By using our Website App Builder, Franchisees and Editors can build and publish unlimited numbers of website designs and, at the same time, automatically create and sell advertising content for their Local Website Apps.

Our yearly Franchise Licence is the only fixed financial committment. No further financial Investment is required. No stock to hold or warehouse space needed. No packaging or delivery costs.

Your major invesstment is your own time and committment to promoting your Franchise and Selling Listings, Website Apps and Adertising.

Every Franchise Town Guide Mobile Website App is an online e-commerce site, selling free and affordable Template Website Apps, Editors Design Services and integrated Classified Advertising.

Anyone in the World can become a member of your Franchise Town, buy online and Post a Do It Yourself Mobile Website App and Classified Advertising and every network Member is a potential customer for the Franchise holder.

As the Franchisee, you will receive the Franchise Commission for any online purchases made - so it is very much in your interest to advertise and promote your Hyper Local Community Website App.

Naturally, if a Member buys an Editors service online, then they will receive the Editors commission as well.

Earning Potential and Residual Income

You can achieve a full return on your Franchise Licence cost with just 2 or 3 customers. Then start earning substantial commissions.

Our products and services are sold on a Quarterly or Yearly Contract term and if the contract is renewed each year, the franchisee will be paid the Franchise Commission.

So, if you sell 50 websites in year 1, then in year 2 you should get commisssion from up to 50 renewals plus your 50 new year 2 sales commissions.

Flexible, Full or Part-Time

The automated web design system also includes a Free App that allows you to run your business On the Go! So, if you only work Part-Time or even when you are on holiday, your business is still working for you.

But remember, you are expected to advertise, promote and sell a2zPlaces.Com products and services and the more sales effort you put in, the greater your personal commission rewards.

Start-up Package

The a2zPlaces.Com Town Guide Business Plan will show you how to maximise the use of our Website App Builder, so you can offer fast efficient and beautiful designs.

In addition to the Business Plan, you will also receive a complete Start-up Business Package to get your new business up and running within hoursThis will include all of the following items:

  • Large and exclusive trading Town or Area
  • Your own a2zPlaces.Com Town Guide Website App Franchise, domain name and business email
  • Your own, FREE, Do It Yourself Website App and design tuition
  • Use the powerful a2zPlaces.Com Brand
  • Normally, 1st page Google local listing for your new a2zPlaces.Com Town Guide Franchise business
  • Personalised a2zPlaces.Com Town Guide Franchise impressive business cards
  • On-going expert telephone support and advice

Annual Franchise Licence Fee

You can leverage a2zPlaces.Com technology at a fraction of the overall development costs you would normally expect developing you own Town Guide Website with the same products and services. With your initial overheads and operating costs kept to a minimum - you are investing your skills, time and effort into the value of your Franchise Licence.

Our objective is to establish a very proactive network of Local Community Town Guides by setting a very low barrier to entry. However, we do need a commitment from our Franchise Town Guides to proactively promote and develop their Town Guides regularly month by month.

Therefore, investment required is limited to the upfront Franchise Licence Fee from only £499 Per Year per Town Guide Franchise. The Fee is not refundable

You can see that you can achieve a significant return on your investment very quickly by building and selling your first couple of Members Websites.

Our actual Franchise Licence fee will be unique to the number of Towns in the Area, the size and local population and the residual contract renewals expected. Contact Alan McLelland on 07784 348118 to discuss your individual and unique Local opportunity.

A Franchise Licence is sold on a first come first served basis, but existing Local Affiliate Editors will be given first refusal.

You can Try Before You Buy a Franchise Licence by joining as a Member and becoming an Affiliate Editor. You can start to earn local affiliate commissions and prove to yourself the value of committing to a local franchise, while earning the commissions to pay for the Franchise Licence Fee.

There are no monthly fees to pay but you are expected to be proactive in your Sales and Marketing activities. In the event of your inactivity where you have not made any sales within two consecutive months or if you wish to terminate your franchise, or you break the spirit of or the actual Franchise terms and conditions, your Licence will be withdrawn by a2zPlaces.Com and may sold to another new Franchisee.

Once your Licence has been approved, you will be Authorised and given a Membership Login that enables you to create, edit and build your own customer base and annual commissions.

For more information, please see Franchise Town Guides Wanted


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Affiliate Editors

The objectives of an Affiliate Editor is to drive

  • Increased Visitor and Membership numbers
  • Website App & Directory Listing Sales
  • extra...EXTRA Advertising Sales

Our bespoke Website App Builder enables Members to Post and Publish FREE and Affordable Website Apps and Local Directory Listings for themselves, along with Upgrades and extra...EXTRA Feature Advertising.

Members are also encouraged to hire an Affiliate Editor to professionally Design and Post Website Apps and Advertising on their behalf.

All our Products and Services are paid for online via our secure PayPal gateway.

Every business and SME can benifit from our Network

  • Attract more Local Customers
  • Stronger Search Engine presence
  • Increased Social Media Networking
  • Free & Affordable Website & App Design
  • Free & Affordable Classified Directory Listings
  • Free & Affordable, Highly Targeted, Local Advertising
  • Free & Affordable, Highly Targeted, Local Marketing

Affiliate Editors

Our Affiliate Scheme enables Editors to monetise our Local Town Guide Apps Network by working from home and Posting in, and on behalf of, other Local Community Members.

Editors only need to commit their time - there are no charges for becomming an Editor.

Affiliate Editors must first Join their Local Community and become a Member.

They will then be authorised to use our Website Builder as an authorised Editor, able to Post on behalf of others and be paid monthly commissions.

Editors are offered simple Design Briefs by their local Town Guide, which they can accept or decline.

Affiliate Town Guides

Affiliate Town Guides must have the professional knowledge and skills of an Affiliate Editor so that they can expertly understand and leverage our bespoke Website Builder. This will enable them to formulate a design brief on behalf of our Members.

Affiliate Town Guides are appointed to drive local Town Guide Sales - to Promote, Advertise, Find, Sell, Manage and Deliver a2zPlaces.Com products and Services to Network Members.

In addition to those responsibilities, Affiliate Town Guides are provided with Local Sales Leads generated by the a2zPlaces.Com Worldwide Network.

Affiliate Town Guides can prospect for and find new Members, sell Websites, Listings and AdSnippits and sell Feature AdSnippit Advertising across the entire Worldwide Network and will get paid the relevant a2zPlaces.Com Sales Commissions.

Affiliate Town Guides are also encouraged to build and manage local teams of Affiliate Editors, to help them build their own community business and with a view to becoming a Franchise Town Guide.

To apply for and become an Affiliate Town Guide, you must first find a new Website, Listing or AdSnippit customer and pass that lead to your Authorised Town Guide, who will work with you and show you how to process and complete the sale. In return for that initial training and on-going support, all of your first Affiliate Town Guide Sales Commission will be paid to the Authorised Town Guide who concludes the sale.

On a successful conclusion of the sale, you will be Authorised and given a Membership Login that enables you to create, edit and build your own customer base, annual renewal fees and team of editors.

For more information, please see Affiliate Town Guides Wanted

Franchise Town Guides

a2zPlaces.Com provides the Worldwide Town Guide Website Network, Intellectual Property, Technology, Products, Services, Sales and Marketing Support needed to run Local Affiliate and Franchise, Areas and Towns in return for a reasonable percentage of each sale. We offer the opportunity to build a Local win-win business without huge investment and on a profit share basis.

Members, Editors and Guides have the opportunity to apply for, and buy, a local Town or Area Franchise Licence that will enable them to earn additional commissions from ALL Websites, Listings and Extra, EXTRA Feature Advertising sales in their Franchise.

That includes a Franchise Sales Commission for any sales made by any other members, Editors, Town Guides or Franchise Town Guides in our Worldwide Website Network.

Franchise Town Guides also also be given Local Sales Leads generated by a2zPlaces.Com Worldwide Website Network.

We expect that Town Guides will proactively prompt customers to renew their annual hosting, at the Post It Yourself Price and the Affiliate Town Guide and Franchise Town Guide Renewal Commissions will be paid upon renewal. See the Price List for commission payments. An Editors commission will only be paid if the customer buys new editing.

Design Commission

The published Price List shows the current retail price and commission payments due for each product or service, but as an example we aim to pay £20 per hour -

a completed 1 or 2 Page Design Brief will pay £40 for approximately 2 Hours Work
a completed 3 or 4 Page Design Brief will pay £80 for approximately 4 Hours Work

Editors can pass new sales leads to their Town Guide and be sure of earning their Editors Design Commission

Sales Commission

If an Editor finds a new Member, then designs, builds and concludes the sale of Websites, Listings and AdSnippits, then they will be paid both the Editor Design and Sales Commission

We encourage Editors to develop their skills and experience, with a view to becoming a Franchise Town Guide, earning the extra Town Guide Franchise Commissions

For more Commissions information, please see Price List and Commissions


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Price List - Page 1, 18th December 2023

WebListings & WebSite Price List

Our WebListings are hosted on the a2zPlaces.Com Platform, with a typical URL address
like or You might also choose to upgrade to a Custom Domain Name WebSite

Do It Yourself Design Using our bespoke, easy to use WebBuilder, YOU can Join, Post & Advertise beautiful, responsive FREE & Affordable mobile WebListings, with optional 'Try Before You Buy' Web Pages & Advertising Upgrades.

Managed Design Using your text and images, our Editors will manage, design,& publish YOUR beautiful, responsive mobile WebListings

1. Join & Post YOUR FREE 5 Page WebListing
* 1 Home Page & 252 Characters of Text
* 1 Images Page - Logo & 8 Images
* 1 Contact Us Page
* 1 Likes Page
* 1 Reviews Page
* Choice of Template Designs
* FREE Local Town Guide Advertising
* FREE Classified Directory AdSnippit
* FREE Unlimited DIY Edits 24/7/365
* FREE Shared Hosting AND URL Address
- like
or like
2. WebListing & WebSite Size Upgrades - Get More Attraction

    & WebSites :
yearly (monthly)
yearly (monthly)
With Custom URL

yearly (monthly)
+ 5 Page WebListing
£ Free  (£ 0)
£ 60  (£ 5)
£ 120  (£ 10)
+ 6 Page WebSite
£ 60  (£ 5)
£ 120  (£ 10)
£ 180  (£ 15)
+ 7 Page WebSite
£ 120  (£ 10)
£ 240  (£ 20)
£ 300  (£ 25)
+ 8 Page WebSite
£ 180  (£ 15)
£ 360  (£ 30)
£ 420  (£ 35)
+ 9 Page WebSite
£ 240  (£ 20)
£ 480  (£ 40)
£ 540  (£ 45)
- A Typical WebListing URL Address is -    
- A Managed WebSite and Custom Domain Includes Catch All email forwarding
- OR Point/Forward your Own hosted Domain Name and Your Own eMail Services
- Add Additional Special Pages from only £120 (£ 10) per page
-For Example - Enquiry Page, Menu Page, Group Listings, Slideshow Page, Image Gallery, Likes Page or Reviews Page

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Price List - Page 2, 29th March 2023
extra...EXTRA AdSnippits Featured Advertising

Posting a WebListing automatically creates Directory, Bronze, Silver and Gold AdSnippit Files - calling card sized files that advertise, and link back to, that Article, Blog, Classified Ad, Event, Business, Personal or Members Website Listing.

AdSnippit Files are published in the a2zPlaces.Com Website Directory and Worldwide Search Engine Results.

They are also used as Local Community Town Guide Feature Content on Town Guides and Newsletter Pages. With the appropriate permissions, they can also be use published on other Websites and Publications.

Directory AdSnippits - Increased Feature Advertising

AdSnippits are Advertised in your Town, Area, Region and Country Guides, Directories and Search Engine

FREE Directory AdSnippit
Title, 150 Character Strapline, Category, WebListing Link, Member

Bronze Featured AdSnippit - df.htm with text, no image
252 Character Leader Text - advertised in our Community Channel Page, Directory and Search Engines

Silver Featured AdSnippits - cf.htm, with text and Image
252 Character Leader Text - advertised in our Community Channel Page, Directory and Search Engine

Gold Featured AdSnippit - bf.htm, with text and Image
252 Character Leader Text - advertised in our Community Channel Page, Directory and Search Engine

Town Guide Featured AdSnippits - For Increased Reach

Join & Post a...




Any Single Town
& your Channel Page
£ 60/year
£ 120/year
£ 180/year

Any Area,
all its' Town Guides
& your Channel Page
£ 600/year
£ 1200/year
£ 1800/year

Any Region
all its' Town Guides
& your Channel Page
£ 960/year
£ 1,920/year
£ 2,880/year

Any Country
All its' Town Guides
& your Channel Page
£ 3,840/year
£ 7,680/year
£ 11,520/year


AdSnippit id=buuk86&page=3
Price List - Page 3, 1st October 2022 -
Features List - Website App & Classified Directory Listings
7 Page  6 Page  5 Page  4 Page   FREE 3 Page
Do It Yourself Website App & Classified Listingyesyesyesyes yes
Try Before You Buy Website App & Listing Upgradesyesyesyesyes yes
Choice of Templates & Corporate Coloursyesyesyesyes yes
Optimised Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Appyesyesyesyes yes
Unique URL - Address like
yesyesyesyes yes
Custom URL - Address - YourDomainName.Comoptoptoptopt opt
Home Page and 252 Characters of Listing Textyesyesyesyes yes
Images Page & Captions for Logo & 6 Imagesyesyesyesyes -
Contact Page Contact Details & Map Page yesyesyesyes -
Enquiry Form Page - Managed Websites Only
Details Sent To Your Hidden email
optoptoptopt -
Page 1  Title Button and Content Text for
Directory Listing, Directory Featured AdSnippit and Channel Page Featured AdSnippit
yesyesyesyes -
Page 2 Title Button and Content Text
for Top 20 Featured AdSnippit
yesyesyes- -
Page 3 Title Button and Content Textyesyes-- -
Page 4 Title Button and Content Textyes--- -
Likes & Reviews Pages - Your Child Blog Listingsoptoptoptopt -
Business/Personal Group Directory Pageoptoptoptopt -
Events Page - All of Your Event Listingsoptoptoptopt -
Menu Page - All Your Products, Services & Pricesoptoptoptopt -
Classified Directory Listingfreefreefreefree free
Search Engine Listingfreefreefreefree free
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)freefreefreefree free
Top 20 and Featured AdSnippit Listingsoptoptoptopt opt
Directory Featured AdSnippit Listingsoptoptoptopt opt

AdSnippit id=buuk86&page=4
Price List - Page 4, 24th November 2023
Local Franchise & Affiliate Commission Structure

A key objective for is to facilitate local community employment through our Franchise and Affiliate Business Plan, where we recycle local spending back into the local community.

Sales Commission will be paid to the Editor or Guide that secures a customers order. If the order originated online, the Town Guide will be paid the Sales Commission because he is responsible for generating content, social media and personal promotion of the town pages.

If an Editor secures a new customer order, the Editor would be paid a Sales AND Editors Commission.

If a Guide secures a new customer order, the Guide would be paid a Sales AND Guide Commission.

If a Guide secures a new customer and does the editing, the Guide would be paid a Sales AND Town Guide And Editor Commission.

Do It Yourself - WebListing Commissions
5 Pages
£ FREE  (£ 0)
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
6 Pages
£ 60  (£ 5)
£ 15
£ 0
£ 15
£ 30
7 Pages
£ 120  (£ 10)
£ 30
£ 0
£ 30
£ 60
8 Pages
£ 180  (£ 15)
£ 45
£ 0
£ 45
£ 90
9 Pages
£ 240  (£ 20)
£ 60
£ 0
£ 60
£ 120
Managed - WebListing Commissions
5 Pages
£ 60  (£ 5)
£ 5
£ 20
£ 5
£ 30
6 Pages
£ 120  (£ 10)
£ 20
£ 20
£ 20
£ 60
7 Pages
£ 240  (£ 20)
£ 40
£ 40
£ 40
£ 120
8 Pages
£ 360  (£ 30)
£ 60
£ 60
£ 60
£ 180
9 Pages
£ 480  (£ 40)
£ 80
£ 80
£ 80
£ 240
extra...EXTRA Featured AdSnippits Advertising
Upgrade Commissions
Advertise in 1 Town & 1 Channel Page
FREE Directory AdSnippit
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
Bronze AdSnippit
£ 60
£ 15
£ 15
£ 30
Silver AdSnippit
£ 120
£ 30
£ 30
£ 60
Gold AdSnippit
£ 180
£ 45
£ 45
£ 90

Advertise in 1 Area, All Towns & 1 Channel Page
Bronze AdSnippit
£ 600
£ 150
£ 150
£ 300
Silver AdSnippit
£ 1200
£ 300
£ 300
£ 600
Gold AdSnippit
£ 1800
£ 450
£ 450
£ 900

Directory Category : a2zPlaces.Com, 1199

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