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Surrey Has 459 Town Guide Website Apps

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1 - a2zPlaces.com Platform Description
a2zPlaces.com In a Nutshell, We enable Members to Post beautiful Templated, FREE and Affordable, Website Apps, WITH FREE and Affordable Advertising in our Local Town Guide Mobile Website App Network and add Custom URL Domain Names.

The Network Platform and Database is designed to power Local Town Guide Franchise and Affiliate Schemes, Worldwide and especially our ShopLocal.a2zPlaces.com/ Local Loyalty Scheme and Town Channel Pages.

Members can buy Do It Yourself Upgrades, or choose to hire one of our Affiliate Editors or Franchise Town Guides to fully manage the Upgrades for them.


Members can Join any of over 300,000 Local Town Guide Community Website Apps and use our DIY Website App Builder to Post FREE Website Apps & Listings advertised in that Town and Directory for FREE. They can purchase online listing Upgrades or add Custom Domain Names to their websites.

Members can hire Editors to design and publish for them and buy listing Featured Advertising in any combination of Country, Region, Area and Town

The a2zPlaces.com Network Platform has a bespoke Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management System that is deigned to power over 300,000 Town Affiliate Editors and the sale of Town Guide Franchise Licences at £499 each per Town and per year.

ShopLocal Community Members can Opt In to Join, and benifit from, the Town Guide App ShopLocal Loyalty Scheme, Channel Page & Newsletter.

ShopLocal Business Members can Opt In to Join, and benifit from advertising to the ShopLocal Loyalty Scheme Members on the ShopLocalChannel Page & Newsletter. They can also Post an Online ShopLocal Store.


a2zPlaces.com is a Worldwide Network of over 300,000 Town, Area, Region and Country Mobile Website App Town Guides.

a2zPlaces also has a bespoke Website App Builder integrated into the Network

Members can Buy and Build DIY, FREE and Affordable, Websites, Apps and Adverts linked to find.

a2zPlaces.com is designed to be a Next Generation Social Media Platform for Local Town Communities.

Our Towns Gazetteer Database is powered by 10 Directory Databases and our Website App Builder lets Members Post 9 different Types of Website App -

Business Listings
Classified Ads
Events Listings
Members Listings
Personal Listings

Any user can Visit any Town Guide Website App and JOIN that Local Town Guide Community.

Every Member gets a Username, Password and PIN number.

Every Member also gets a FREE Members Profile Website App with a Listing ID URL Address like this -

My Members Profile (for Alan McLelland), advertised in Walton On Thames, is
https://a2zPlaces.com/listing.asp?id=meww100 »

With a password and PIN, Members can use our Website App Builder to Post and Edit FREE and Affordable Website App Listings, of any type and linked to any Town, Area, Region and Country in our network

Members can then Post Content and Images then choose a Color Scheme and Design Template.

Website App Listings automatically create the artwork advertised in Town Directories and Featured Advertising.

Members can Edit their content, design and choose Affordable Upgrades - adding extra pages or extra Featured Advertising.

Featured Listing Advertising can be spread across any permutation of Towns, Areas, Regions and Vertical Market Channel Page Communities - Worldwide

Members can choose Do It Yourself Posts and Upgrades or Hire one of our a2zPlaces.com Editors or Town Guides to do the work for them.

All Directory Listing Posts are automatically aggregated into hierarchical locations - from Town Directory to Area Directory to Regions and to Countries.

Website App Listings are featured on Over 90 Vertical Market Channel Pages in every Town - for example - Business, Tourist, Politics, News, Hotels, Sport, Education, Health, Shopping etc.

ShopLocal is the first Market Channel Page that we have chosen to Promote and Advertise.

ShopLocal Business Members can Post a Website App and choose FREE and Affordable ShopLocal Store Design Templates. They can Advertise up to 40 Products and Prices and Sell Online using their own PayPal Account details.

ShopLocal Business Members can get and advertise a Listing ID URL Address like these Demo sites -

Alans Pizzeria, advertised in Walton On Thames, is
Alans Pizzeria - https://a2zPlaces.com/listing.asp?id=buuk30143 »

Alans Chinese Takeaway, advertised in Walton On Thames, is
Alans Chinese Takeaway - https://a2zPlaces.com/listing.asp?id=buuk30144 »

The a2zPlaces.com Owner - Alan McLelland - Skills & 50 years Experience

All bespoke and integrated Database, Website and App Concept, Design & Build is by Alan McLelland, who has 50 Years corporate and SME commercial experience -

  • 11 years with British Telecom - Directory Enquiries, Customer Service, Network Planning, Relational Database for Statistical Analysis
  • Microsoft and Apple Computer Sales, Service, Support & Training - hardware, software, build, installation, training, first and second line help desk support
  • 4 Colour Printing - Digital pre-press, typesetting, artwork and design for print, large format printing
  • Directory and catalogues - database schema and website design, data collection, typesetting, plates and printing including - The Travel Trade Gazette, RHS Yellow Book, Medical Directory and various product catalogues
  • Database Analyst & programmer, Website Developer, Coder and Webmaster, including e-commerce, CMS and Wordpress sites
The Launch of a2zPlaces.com/Surrey Franchise Area

The United Kingdom Network has 11,799 Towns Guide Apps with 459 Town Guide Apps in Surrey.

Surrey County consists of 10 Borough Council Town Guide Apps and every App has a Unique, Branded, Logical and therefore memorable URL Domain Name including -

  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Elmbridge/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Epsom-And-Ewell/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Guildford/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Mole-Valley/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Reigate-And-Banstead/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Runnymede/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Spelthorne/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Surrey-Heath/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Tandridge/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Waverley/
  • visit.a2zPlaces.com//Surrey/Woking/

a2zPlaces.com is launching and conducting Proof of the Business Concept in Surrey and we will focus on 459 Surrey Town Guide Apps, starting with our local Towns and Villages in Elmbridge Borough.

  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Brookwood
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Burwood Park
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Claygate
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Cobham
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Downside
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/East-Molesey
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Esher
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Hampton Court
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Hersham
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Hinchley-Wood
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Hurst-Park
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Long-Ditton
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Lower-Green
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Martyrs-Green
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Molesey
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Oatlands-Park
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Oxshott
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Portmore-Park
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Stoke-D-Abernon
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Thames Ditton
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/West-Molesey
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Weybridge
  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Whiteley-Village

Every Town Guide App is Powered by 10 Classified Directory Databases and Website App Listing Types, Including

  • visit.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Articles.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Blogs.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Business.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Classified.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Events.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Members.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Personal.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Reviews Database
  • Likes Database

Directories are Hierarchical - Town Listings are aggregated into Areas and again aggregated into Regions, Country and Worldwide Directory Listings.

Every Town Guide App also has over 90 Vertical Market Channel Pages, including these favourites

  • a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • ShopLocal.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Businesss.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Education.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Food.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
  • Tourist.a2zPlaces.com/Surrey/Walton-On-Thames
Unique, Bespoke a2zPlaces.com Website & App Builder

Every Town Guide App is Powered by our totally unique and bespoke Website & App Builder. We use it to Design and Publish Progressive Website Apps and Advertising Artwork liinked to and integrated into Town, Area, Region and Country Classified Directories and Town Guide Apps.

a2zPlaces.com is leveraging NEW Progressive Website Apps (PWAs) technology from Google and Partners. Unlike native apps, they are

  • Designed to work on ALL Website Browsers, ALL Devices and Operating Systems.
  • Installed by Download from the owners Website - NOT from expensive App Stores
  • Members can distribute their own Apps on social media by simply sharing the URL Domain Name link
  • Then users can visit your website app, download and add your App to their Desktop
  • a2zPlaces Website Apps are fully Mobile friendly and Support PUSH Notifications
Alan McLelland has taken this technology one step further and programmed and developed

  • A unique Progressive Website App Builder Integrated into our Worldwide, Hierarchical Database Gazetteer of Towns, Areas and Regions

  • We enable Members to Post beautiful Templated, FREE and Affordable, Website Apps, WITH FREE and Affordable Advertising in their home Town, Area, Region and Country

  • The Website Builder automatically generates Home Town Directory Listings and AdSnippit Featured Adverts

  • Members can also purchase additional Highly Targeted Advertising for their AdSnippits - any permutation of Town/Area/Region/Country and Channel Pages

  • By joining and visiting pages, Members automatically "opt in" to their buying preferences - we do not use tracking cookies.
Members Website Apps and Classified Directory Listings

Users can Browse or Search our Network and choose to become a Member and JOIN one, or more, Town Guide Communities

Any Member can POST ANY of the 11 Classified Directory Listing Types for FREE, link it and advertise it, on any Town Guide and Market Channel Page.

Members can then choose to upgrade to DIY or Managed Website App, hosted with or without a Custom URL domain name - with various feature and price options.

a2zPlaces.com Listing Upgrades, Products and Services

Our bespoke Website And App Builder creates the products we sell -

  • UK Town Guide Website Franchise Licences
    at £499 per Town per Year
  • FREE Channel Page Classified Directory Listings
  • Do It Yourself Website App Upgrades
  • Managed Website App Upgrades, with optional Custom Domain Name
  • Directory AdSnippits Advertising
  • Featured AdSnippits Advertising
  • Top 20 Featured AdSnippits Advertising
  • A4 Paper Newsletter AdSnippits Advertising
a2zPlaces.com Features and Benefits -

  • We put Local Adverts in Indexed Directory Pages where users can find them when needed.
  • We do NOT track users browsing habits on other websites and do not generate SPAM adverts.
  • Members can Opt In and choose Towns, Pages, Products, Services, Adverts and Information wanted
  • a2zPLaces.com offers unparalleled Targeted Hyperlocal Marketing for Advertisers
  • Intelligent Search and Browse for Users - Plumbers in Pimlico, Taxis in Toronto, Kebabs in Keyna
  • Local Community Branding, Identity and Promotion - High Streets and Back Streets
  • Local employment for Affiliates and Franchisees
  • A Franchise and Affiliate Network Scheme that returns Local Advertising Revenues back into Local Community Town Guides and Editors
2 - Business Objectives Objectives - Short Term

Advertise, Promote and Manage a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey acting as the Town Guide Franchise Owner

  • 1. Build Elmbridge and Surrey Membership
  • 2. Sell DIY Website Apps and Listing Upgrades
  • 3. Sell Managed Website Apps and Listings
  • 4. Advertise and sell Surrey Town Franchise Licences
  • 5. Gather Surrey website content
  • 6. Sell Local Featured Advertising
  • 7. Seek Startup capital grant assistance
  • 8. Consider and formulate crowdfunding sales/investment
Additional Objectives - Medium Term of 2 years
  • Sell Surrey Channel Page Featured Advertising
  • Sell Surrey Channel Champion Advertising
  • Find, appoint and sell Town Guide Franchise Licences for all Elmbridge Town Guide Website Apps
  • Sell Franchise Licences for 9 remaining Surrey Boroughs and 459 Surrey Town Guide Website Apps
  • Build a proactive network of Elmbridge and Surrey Town Guides and Editors
3 - Target Customers Customer Demographics and Location

Target Elmbridge and Surrey - to sell Directory Listings and Website Apps

  • Retail and hospitality business - shops, pubs, clubs
  • Trades and tradesmen
  • New Startup and existing SME Business
  • Corporate Channel Page Champions
  • Surrey Residents - passive, not proactively
  • Incidental UK and Worldwide Network Members
Addressable Market Sizes Questions - to be answered
  • The SME Business Population of Elmbridge =
  • The SME Business Population of Surrey =
  • The Residential Population of Elmbridge =
  • Residential Population of Surrey =
  • How many New Businesses Elmbridge/Surrey? =
  • How many new Websites Elmbridge/Surrey =
  • Identify Elmbridge/Surrey Social Media Comunities for Towns =
  • Identify Elmbridge/Surrey Personal Interest Communities =
How to Target our Markets
  • Target via Paper and email PDF Newsletter Distribution
  • Target via Local Radio Interviews and Advertising
  • Target by sharing AdSnippits on Facebook/Twitter Town and Community Accounts
  • Target via High Street Canvassing
Customer Segmentation

Websites and Listing sales targets

  • Authors and Journalists
  • Entertaines
  • Events organisers
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Tradesmen
  • Photographers

Franchise Licence sales targets

  • Local Community Groups
  • Local Social Media Community Page Founders
  • Authors and Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Groups
  • Borough and County Councils
Customer Needs Free & Affordable Local Community Town Guides & Advertising

Local Towns and communities have suffered a loss of hyper local community services traditionally provided by local newspapers and journalists. a2zPlaces.Com Town Guide Apps provide every Local Community a social media platform for

  • Local News
  • Local Events
  • Local Classified Ads
  • Local Letters to the community (Blogs)
  • Local Featured Advertising
  • Local Directory Services
  • Local Town, Area, Region and Country Search
Customer Needs - Free & Affordable Mobile Website Apps

Every business and very many individuals, benefits by having a website. Most need it to be mobile friendly, responsive and affordable. Some go further and have 1 or more NATIVE (not PWA) Mobile Apps designed and built for for either Android, Apple or Microsoft Mobile operating Systems. The cost of designing such a "Native App" is time consuming, expensive and often prohibative.

However, a2zPlaces.Com has acted to leverage a new technology from Google and Partners. Progressive Website Apps are Website Apps designed to work on website browsers, rather than on a particular operating system

a2zPlaces.Com bespoke Website App Builder is purpose built to create these exceptional benifits

4 - Market and Competitors Market Overview

Market Research Alan McLelland is familiar with and has researched -
  • In My Neighbourhood
  • In Your Area
  • Up My Street
  • Nextdoor.Co.UK
  • AboutMyArea.Com
  • Streetcheck.co.uk
    Indexed by Postcodes, not find. Publishes post code statistics on Housing, Social Grades, Culture, Employment, and Crime
  • GetSurrey.co.uk
    Owned by national news and media pubisher - Reach - in association with InYourArea.co.uk.
    Run by professional journaists, it is a messy, confused, website, overrun with advertising and again based on postcodes, not Towns
  • The Best Of Franchise
    Only a handful of UK Towns have been published, but the franchise has been very sucessful,
  • GetTheData.Com
    - Data organised by Locations and Town Names - see Walton on Thames Companies

Local Directory Listings

  • Yellow Pages
  • 118 118
  • BT
  • TouchLocal.Com

Website App Builders

  • IONOS.Com
  • GoDaddy.Com
  • 123Reg.Com
  • Wix.Com
  • Google.Com/Business
  • SpotOn.Net

Local Media Advertising

  • Surrey Herald
  • Yourelmbridge.co.uk/
  • GetSurrey.Com
Competitor Overview

No other company offers -

  • A Worldwide network of Local Community Town Guide Websites Apps
  • An Integrated Websites App Builder, automatically creating and curating Local Directory Listings and Advert Artwork
  • A Worldwide Local Advertising Network
  • SWOT Analysis

    a2zPlaces.Com Unique, Intellectual Property, Differentiators The following have been Designed and Built is by Alan McLelland -
    • Network of Town Guide Progressive Website Apps
    • Network of Town and Channel Page Newsletters
    • Integrated, Location Centric, Progressive Website App Builder
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)
    • Backend Software Network Management Tools
    • MySQL Hierarchical Database Schemas
    5 - Sales and Marketing Key Message

    Key URL Sales Funnel Message Links at the top of every Town Guide and used in Advertising Copy

    • ShopLocal.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Shops.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Join.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Post.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Advertise.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • WebListings.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • WebSites.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Franchise.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Affiliates.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Search.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    • Newsletter.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey/
    Marketing and Social Networking - Viral Advertising

    A lot of programming development has been spent ensuring that every town guide page and website listing page can be shared on any social network, alongside the master image on that page.

    Town Guide pages - any visitor can share their favourite Town and Category page link with the master image from the top of the page. Post - Hi Fred, have you thought of finding a job here??

    Website Listing pages - The Owner or any Visitor can share and comment on a page and the main image on that page, attracting visitors back to the listing. Every Listing has breadcrumb links to the a2zPlaces.Com Town, Area, Region and Country Guide, and the same category page as the listing category.

    It is in the interest of every website listing owner to share their new listing with their social network and ask friends to comment on it. Post - Hi Fred, have what do you think of my new website/business/advert/news story??

    Reaching Customers & Advertising our Customers Websites & Listings
    • - Change enquire@a2zPlaces.Com to Contact@a2zPlaces.Com
    • - Sell Surrey Franchises on eBay
    • - Prepare a Crowd Funding pitch to publish listings in return for investment
    • - Business Cards and Stationary
    • - Branded Merchandise
    • - a2zPlaces.Com is responsible for Search Engine Optimisation Programming
    • - Every Page published is Search Engine Optimised
    • - Every Website App and Listing is Search Engine Optimised
    • - Every UK Town Guide channel page is in a2zPlaces.Com Webmaster Tools Google Sitemaps
    • - All New Listings add new Network content and attract new Search Traffic
    • - As the UK Franchise Network grows, more Content is published and more Search Engine Traffic is attracted
    • - a2zPlaces.Com seeks Quality, extremely Targeted Members in preference to Quantity of Visitors
    • - A-Boards
    • - Vehicle Livery
    • - Backlinks - Adding Reciprocal Links from trusted websites improves our SEO standing
    • - Every Customer Website sold creates a new Backlink
    • - Focus on Politics, Business and Tourist Channel
    • - Focus on Web Designers, Journalists, Photographers, Musicians
    • - Publish Sponsored Content- the sponsor will naturally advertise their listing, creating backlinks
    • - Provoke Listing Comments and Likes in the community
    • - Focus on Politics, Business, Tourist, Food, Events Channels
    • - As Users Join they are automatically listed in the CRMS and published on members.a2zPLaces.Com/Surrey Members Directory Channel Page
    • - The Town Guide is responsible for prospecting new members using our CRMS to manage developments
    Traditional Advertising
    • A4 Town & Channel Page Newsletter distribution
      - Gigs, Shops, Mailshots, Handouts at rail Stations, Car Parks, Supermarkets
    • Radio and Television Interviews
    • Local Media Press Releases
    • Customised and targeted Leaflets, eMail, Letters
    • Personal Prospecting with Local Business and Residential Groups
    • Personal Cold Calling on Businesses promoting Membership and Sales
    Encourage Town Articles Listings by Members
    • Favourite Elmbridge -
    • Pub Crawls
    • Cycle Rides
    • Walks
    • Treasure Hunts
    • Hotel Stays
    • Histoury Tours
    • WW2 War Tours
    • Shopping Tours
    • Coffee Crawls
    • Fishing Tours
    • Events & Attraction Tours
    Focus on Top Surrey Towns

    Guildford, Woking, Leatherhead, Dorking, Redhill, Reigate, Addlestone, Walton On Thames, Weybridge, Staines, Ashford, Camberley, Farnborough, Epsom, Farnham, Godalming.

    Sales Processes
    • Every Website Listing is unique to a Member, a Location and a Listing ID
    • Members can buy Products and Services online from their Listings via the PayPal Payment Gateway
    • a2zPlaces.Com receives payments in advance of publishing online products and services
    • a2zPlaces.Com processes payments monthly and pays commissions directly to Town Guides and Editors
    6 - Operational Plans Supply Chain Dependancies
    • a2zPlaces.Com Franchisee Website and VPS Servers with HostingUK.Net
    • a2zPlaces.Com Franchisee Customer Payment Gateway - PayPal.Com
    • a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey Franchise Town Guides and Affiliate Editors Network
    • Alan McLelland is the Franchisee for a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey
    • Alan McLelland will sell Surrey Town Guide Franchise Licences AND build a Management Team
    • Alan McLelland will build a Team of Surrey Affiliate Editors and Franchise Town Guides
    IT, System and Machinery
    • Home/Office Broadband Service - BT Telecom
    • 1 Office Microsoft Laptop - confidential
    • Microsoft Office
    • 1 Demonstration Laptop
    • 1 Personal Android Mobile Phone and 1 Home/Office Phone
    • 1 Business Android Mobile Phone
    • 1 Colour Laser Printer, Stationary
    • In the short term, minimal Home Desk Office Space is used
    • Shared Space office accommodation may be required
    Legal and Regulatory
    • Alan McLelland is Trading as TheTownGuide.Com and a2zPlaces.Com
    • a2zPlaces Limited is Dormant
    • TheTownGuide.Com Limited is Dormant
    • AdSnippits.Com website is under development
    • a2zPlaces.Com Information Commissioners Office Data Protection £40 Yearly Fee
    • TheTownGuide.Com has annual Public Liability Insurance Policy


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